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Doula Kersti

Kersti Smith, CD(DONA)

I have been married to my husband for 5 wonderful years. After being a doula for three years, I gave birth to Violet, our beautiful daughter, at home in March 2016. Being her mama is my greatest joy. I am so honored to have a job that allows me to share in that joyful moment as I witness women become mothers time and again. Thank you for allowing me into your sacred space. 

After completing three years of nursing prerequisites, I realized I was being called in a different direction. In March 2013 I attended a doula training and knew immediately I was in the right place! I started working as a doula right away and since then have become actively involved in the birth community - continuing my education and experience with various trainings and workshops throughout the last 3+ years.

Birth is a transformative moment in a women's life and one that has the power to change her forever. As a baby is born, so is a mother. I strongly believe that feeling supported throughout the birth process is the best way possible to begin the journey to motherhood. My hope is that all women can enter motherhood feeling empowered and confident in themselves as new mamas. 

I have such passion for birth and life and am continually in awe of the power of a women's body. My hope is for women to have a truly wonderful birth experience to carry with them forever. I will help answer your questions, provide you with evidence based resources, and always support your informed choices. I bring my steady, calm presence, continuous, reliable support, and hands to offer comfort and assurance. Whatever your hopes and desires are for your baby's birth, my role is to help families achieve a positive, satisfying birth experience.

In addition to my roles as wife and mama, I am also daughter, sister, and auntie. My family prefers to be outside and I love to backpack, hike, spend time at the beach, and watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball! I am also a reader of good books, listener of music, drinker of coffee, and lover of all things chocolate. 

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