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Doula Kersti

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       Testimonial Excerpts:

"Kersti assisted in the natural, drug-free birth of my second son. She was the extra pair of hands that I didn't know I needed! She is calm, dedicated, compassionate, responsive, punctual and everything else you want in your doula. She is an awesome addition to your birth support team.  I highly recommend Kersti and I am very lucky she was able to attend my son's birth."  -Abigail

"Kersti was the doula for my husband and my first child, and we couldn't have chosen better. Kersti was born to be a doula. She was thoroughly knowledgeable, and patient in her teaching. When it came time to my labor, she was truly a God send! She may be tiny, but her hands are magical! They helped me bear through my contractions. My entire labor ended up being 44 hours, so she deserves a gold medal for hanging in there with me! She has such a gentle and peaceful presence, which helped anchor me throughout my labor. She was so attentive to my body language, she was able to tell what I needed and where. I couldn't have asked for a better doula, and would love to have her coach us through again should we have another baby. Thank you so much Kersti, for being such a special and indispensable part of this life changing journey." -Anna

​"Kersti was born to be a doula. I found her to be knowledgeable, organized, and very friendly and easy to speak to. One thing I remember in the blur that is labor was that Kersti was so professional, introducing herself confidently and openly to the nurses and doctors who were taking care of me. Kersti is young, but already such a strong person. She's outspoken when needed but still a calming and reassuring presence. I tell people that my experience delivering a baby this time around was so positive and calm, and Kersti was an integral part of helping me create that experience."

"When I met with Kersti, I immediately knew that she was the right fit. Kersti is extremely professional and informed, but she's also super friendly and just a really great, likeable person.Kersti was with me over those few days every time I needed her and she helped me handle the contractions early on. I'm so happy that she was there and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She's wonderful and anyone would be lucky to have her by their side during such an intense time."

"After several interviews it was clear Kersti was perfect for us; knowledgeable, comforting, confident and ultimately respectful of whatever we wanted for our birth and our son. She was so reassuring through the whole process- several times during labor I remember thinking "that was exactly what I needed to hear".  She took some wonderful pictures of our first moments as a family of three, and then quietly left us to bond as a new family. During what could have been very awkward moments Kersti was the perfect combination of personal and professiona- my husband was so comfortable with her as well, and VERY happy she was there!" -Darcy

"Kersti was a quiet and encouraging type, which ended up working very well for my wife. From my perspective (the husband), it was extremely helpful to have someone who know what they were talking about, who knew various places to apply pressure or massage, etc. It was also really helpful to have someone else so I could get the car, food, clothes, etc., ready without having to then have my wife be completely alone with contractions. We've only had one birth and it was recently, but based on our experiences, we would highly recommend both a doula and Kersti as said doula!" -Paul

"My husband and I were very fortunate to find Kersti and work with her. I wanted someone who I could connect to as if she were my sister or good friend. We also were searching for someone we could connect with on a spiritual level. Our plan was to really use prayer and faith to help in our labor. We are so thankful for Kersti and for her calm, uplifting, Christlike nature. We felt our baby's birth was a very spiritual experience. Thank you Kersti for being by my side for my pregnancy as my sister in Christ."


"We hired Kersti to be the doula for our first baby. We really liked that she seemed practical in her approach and didn't push us to have the birth experience happen in any sort of specific way. Once I went into labor, I opted to stay at home and check in with her via text until we got more info from our midwife about how things were progressing. Kersti was great and gave me a lot of tips to get through early labor. She then met us at the hospital when I was in the late stages of active labor. She was actively involved in helping me through contractions, but was never overbearing and always had multiple suggestions to try.I had a natural labor and don't know if I could have done it without her! It wasn't what I expected (I guess these things never are) and I'm not sure if my husband could have gotten me through it on his own. We highly recommend Kersti!" -Erin